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What types of services are available at EyeSafe?

When ordering through Eye Safe you will gain access to the following types of rides which are listed below by type of vehicle and type of service.

Types of Vehicles:  

  • MEye Taxi: established government licensed taxis.
  • MEye Standard: Affordable private hire vehicles operated and hailed through an operator company.
  • MEye Premium: More comfortable cars for those EyeSaferswho seek a premium experience.
  • MEye Executive: Ultimate luxury for those EyeSafers who want to indulge in the pleasure of a top-notch experience.

Types of services: 

  • MEye Share: Convenient and cheaper way of traveling. Split the journey between riders traveling in the same direction, helping you make more revenue per trip. (Coming soon!)
  • MEye Lady: Female drivers, for female riders. A service made with the comfort and safety of our female users in mind.
  • MEye Eco: Designed to target our more environmentally conscious customers: hybrid and electric cars for healthier cities.
  • MEye XL: Bigger vehicles for bigger needs.

In-ride extras: 

  • Accessible: our partner’s accessible vehicles fit to carry people with special needs.
  • Pet-Friendly: our partner’s pet-friendly vehicles are your go-to option when you want to bring your pawed one to ride with you.
  • In-vehicle Wi-fi: our partner’s wi-fi enabled vehicles are fit for the 21st century digital needs.
  • Fitted child-seat: the safety of your children is also our priority, thus to bring you peace of mind you can request child-seats to be used by your little ones during the ride.

What choices do I have in ride?

When requesting a ride via EyeSafe’s App, you get access to a great number of choices where you can:

  • Choose to ride with a driver who is accepting pets (so you never have to leave your pawed friend behind!).
  •  Female driver for female rider (MEye Lady option), so you can feel comfortable and at ease!
  •  Need to be picked up at a specific time, simply pre-book your service in advance and have peace of mind!


What do I need to create an EyeSafe's Rider Account?

Creating an Eye Safe Rider account is simple! You only need a smartphone, a registered phone number and a data connection! If you don’t have an account, you can create it by:

  1. Downloading the app
  2. Tapping “Create an account”
  3. Entering your phone number
  4. Entering the verification code that we sent you to your phone
  5. Entering your personal data (email address, the password you want for your account, your first name, last name and your gender)
  6. You are ready to go! Order a ride and ride safer through Eye Safe!

How can I schedule a ride in advance?

  1. Select your destination from the “To: My Destination” box.
  2. Tap in the Calendar icon you can find by the “Confirm” button.
  3. Browse through the Car Type Menu offered through our app.
  4. Select the one that fits your needs.
  5. Tap on the “MEye Share”, “MEye Eco” and “MEye XL” to select a specific type of service.
  6. Tap on the “How many people?” tab to select the number of passengers.
  7. Tap the tab “Personal” to select which “MEye Account” you want to use for the ride.
  8. Select a date and time for your service by tapping the “Pick a date” tab
  9. Tap in the different icons under “Choose options” if you want to request special in-ride extras.
  10. Tap on the “Payment Type” tab to change your payment method.
  11. Press “Order for later” to request a service.
  12. Once a driver accepts your request you will receive a quote which you can choose.
  13. After you have selected a driver you will be able to see your scheduled ride on the “MEye Trips” tab in the app menu, under the “Upcoming” trips list.
  14. We will notify you before your driver is due to pick you up to give you time to be ready and will further notify you when your driver is on his/her way allowing you to see a map with the driver’s information, estimated time of arrival, and location.

Where can I see my past and upcoming trips?

  1. Tap into the main menu of the app.
  2. Select “MEye Trips”.
  3. Select either the “Past” or “Upcoming” trip list.
  4. Scroll down and tap into the trip you want to review.

Can I cancel a ride?

We understand that sometimes things do not work as planned and that you may need to cancel a ride you have already requested.

You can cancel from your app but depending on the situation a cancellation fee may apply. If you want to know more about our cancellation fees, please check our Terms and Conditions.

How can I add my home and workplace destinations on EyeSafe?

To add your Home and Workplace destinations please:

  1. Press the “Menu” icon on the main screen of the EyeSafe Rider App
  2. Press “MEye Profile”
  3. Select Home (Add Address) or Work (Add Address) in “User Preferences”
  4. Search for the place by either typing the post code or the address
  5. Select the address you want to add
  6. You are ready to go!

How can I request a Ride?

1. Select your destination from the “To: My Destination” box.

2. Tap “Confirm”.

3. Browse through the Car Type Menu offered through our app.

4. Select the one that fits your needs.

5. Tap on the “MEye Share”, “MEye Eco” and “MEye XL” to select a specific type of service.

6. Tap on the “How many people?” tab to select the number of passengers.

7. Tap the tab “Personal” to select which “MEye Account” you want to use for the ride.

8. Tap in the different icons under “Choose options” if you want to request special in-ride extras.

9. Tap on the “Payment Type” tab to change your payment method.

10. Tap “Order Now” to request a service.

11. Once a driver accepts your request you will receive a quote which you can choose.

12. After you have selected a driver to deliver your service you will see their location in the map and be notified when they are close to your desired “Pick-up” location.


What is MEye Wallet?

MEye Wallet is your saviour, a digital wallet powered by Eyes.

Our Eyes are:

  • Digital credits you can purchase to pay for your trips. * The enablers for our MEye Rank system: the more you spend, the higher your rank, making your rides cheaper.
  • Secure: Eyes allow you to pay when you don’t have your wallet and to avoid carrying cash for hassle-free transactions.

MEye Wallet is the EyeSafer’s digital friend;

  • Free of charge and created for you automatically when you create your EyeSafe account.
  • Allows you to top up using your registered card details.
  • Cashless and cardless; Store, gift and pay in Eyes.
  • Gives you peace of mind by allowing you to distribute Eyes to members of your Family and Business accounts.

What is MEye Rank?

We have developed one of the most comprehensive loyalty schemes in the industry and our way to say Thank You!

It is a system that measures and rewards your civic engagement and how active you are in the EyeSafe community, from the very first day of joining:

  • You will your way through the ranks the moment you start spending and taking rides on EyeSafe.
  • Stay tuned, as from time to time we will send you rewards and offers that you can find in the MEye Rank Tab of your EyeSafe App!

We bring the technology and the business model, but your input and involvement are priceless when keeping our platform in safe hands. Thus, we empower you, we pamper you and work hard to keep you as safe as possible!

What are fare estimates, where can I see them and how do they work?

When you get a quote from a driver, you will see an estimated price for the ride. We provide you with an estimate as the end cost of the trip may be higher than initially expected due to traffic jams, issues on the roads, extra stops or other unforeseen circumstances.

How can I unlock MEye Rewards?

We like to surprise you for being a loyal customer! So from time to time, and you being active in the app, we will give you access to rewards which will pop up on the MEye Rank Tab under “Unlock your rewards”.


Who is my EyeSafe driver?

Not everyone can drive on Eye Safe.

We care deeply about complying with the regulation and the local government’s licensing requirements.

Thus, every single driver who gets access to the Eye Safe platform has a license to drive either a private hire vehicle or a hackney carriage. We also require them to provide us with their Vehicle’s license and any other documents they need to get their license. This helps us make sure they are always complying with every requirement their licensing authority has in place.

We also have put in place measures to ensure that all the drivers that use the platform have learned and are compliant with the Eye Safe code of Conduct.

By doing this we try to make sure the best drivers are always available to you!

How do I get rated and how can I rate my driver?

For Eye Safe to work properly we have developed a differentiated mutual rating system that allows both drivers and riders to rate each other in two areas: service and safety (the two driving forces for us to create the platform).

When rating for service we allow you to decide, using a 5-star system, to decide how good was the service your driver provided and for them to rate how good of a customer you were.

We also want you to rate each other by the feeling of safety you both had and created on each other during the ride.

This is to help us maintain our service as safe as possible and to educate our users (both riders and drivers) in how they can help us make Eye Safe better every day.

The safety rating scale is based on emoticons that describe and relate to how you felt in the ride: The lowest being report driver, followed by worried, room for improvement and finally in safe hands. We will ask you to fill a comment box to provide us with more information about the ride, which will be mandatory when you rate that ride with “Room for improvement” or below.

How can I report a driver?

We take your safety very seriously. Thus, we make it simple for you to tell us how you felt during a ride and to report a driver if you felt unsafe while they drove you. To do so please:

  1. If you are at the end of the ride, please use the “Safety” rating scale and select the “Report Driver” option. Fill the Report User Form with as many details as possible regarding the events that resulted in you reporting the driver and submit it to us.
  2. If you are feeling unsafe during a ride, please tap on the EyeSafe logo on the top right corner of your screen to activate the panic button. When you activate the panic button, we will send an automatic text to the authorities and other members of the EyeSafe Community to get you help.

What happens if I get reported by a driver?

When you get reported by a driver, we will review the reasons they state in the comments add to the report rider form.

During the time it takes us to review the issue that caused them to report you, we will suspend your account.

If we find that you committed gross misconduct that put the driver or other users at risk, we will revoke your access to the Eye Safe platform and system. We may also report you to the competent authorities for further action to be taken.

What is my ETA, where can I see it and can I share it?

We know you care about how long the trip is going last and how long it is going to take you to get where you want you go. That’s why we provide you with an ETA (estimated time of arrival) for your driver to pick you up and an ETA for your arrival to your point of destination.

The ETA for the driver will be first shown in the initial quote sent to you by a driver when you request a service, so we can help you to decide on the fastest and closest option. We then show you the ETA of your driver in the map where you can see his/her location relative to yours. Finally, we will also show you your ETA relative to your destination during your ride, where you can also share it with your friends and/or family.

How can I delete my EyeSafe account?

  1. Tap into the main menu of the app.
  2. Select “MEye Profile”.
  3. Scroll to the end of the page.
  4. Select “Delete Account”.

What is the panic button?

Eyesafe is committed to working with other Users and Stakeholders to enhance the safety of those participating in rides through our platform. Eyesafe has introduced a number of industry-leading innovations as follows:

the App contains a Panic Button which allows Users to contact the Emergency Services. When you press the button a 112 call will be made through the native dialer on your mobile device or alternatively a text message will be sent to the emergency services using the Next Generation Text Service (NGTS) through a registered phone number.

Pressing the panic button will also transmit a request for help to any Qualified Responders within a 3 mile radius. Qualified Responders will be other Users who are police officers, fire and emergency officers or medical professionals or other trained responders. Any such Qualified Responder will be able to accept the request for assistance.

A link to an online Basic Life Support Course will be available on the EyeSafe platform for all Users. This course will appear to any user who has retransmitted a request for assistance.

We are establishing this scheme as part of our corporate social responsibility and our vision of creating a User’s thank you community. However, you should note that:

we have no control over the actions of the Emergency Services and cannot guarantee if and when they will respond. A variety of factors can affect the response of the Emergency Services including mobile signal and network issues and also the response guidelines and demand from other members of the public on the Emergency Services.

All Users responding to a call for assistance do so at their own risk. Eyesafe gives no warranty the as to the ability of any Qualified Responder to attend or assist with the circumstances relating to a particular Panic Button request

if you are a Qualified Responder and feel a particular incident is dangerous or beyond your skill or ability to assist you should await the attendance of the Emergency Services

Eyesafe provides these services on a complimentary basis. They are provided on the basis that no liability shall attach to Eyesafe to the full extent permitted by law.


How can I create a family and business profile?

You can set up Family or Business Profile in the “MEye Wallet” section of your app. To do this you need to:

  1. When you go into “MEye Wallet” tap “Add Business”/ “Add Family Profile” respectively.
  2. Add or select a payment method to be used with this profile.
  3. Add the email address you want us to send you the trip receipts to and you are ready to go!

How can I invite members to my family or business profile?

  • Tap into “MEye Wallet” tab of your app.
  • Select the profile you want to manage.
  • Tap “Invite member”.
  • Select the member you want to add from your contacts.
  • They will then receive a code to download the app.
  • When they have downloaded it and created an account with the phone number to which you sent the invite text, the will be automatically added to your profile.

How can I allocate Eyes to members of my family or business profile?

  1. Tap into “MEye Wallet” tab of your app.
  2. Select the profile you want to manage.
  3. Tap on the name of the member you want to allocate Eyes to.
  4. Tap on the Eye Balance (it also says “Tap to add Eyes to this Member”)
  5. Select the number of Eyes you want to allocate to the member.
  6. Tap “Transfer”

What happens to the Eyes I have transferred to someone when I delete their linked business or family profile?

When you delete a business or family member profile linked to your EyeSafe account, the Eye balance that was allocated to that member will return to the overall balance of your Business or Family profile automatically.

What happens to the Eyes I have transferred to a Family or Business profile when I delete it?

When you delete a Family or Business profile, the Eye balance that remained allocated to the profile and its members will be transferred back to your Personal Profile’s balance.

How can I get a receipt of my ride?

You will be sent receipts to the e-mail address you used to create your account at the end of each ride.

The receipts of your Family and Business can be sent to a different e-mail address, which you can add when you create the profiles on MEye Wallet.