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How does EyeSafe work?

EyeSafe connects licensed taxi and private hire drivers (through an operator) with customers who request a taxi service. We do this through our proprietary marketplace where you as a driver (of a hackney carriage or a private hire vehicle on behalf of your operator) can accept ride service requests, pick-up, drive, and drop-off customers, see your earnings, cash out and gain access to lots of benefits and offers!

We also allow you to differentiate your services in a broad way, giving you the ability to show the real value of your service, driving customers and supporting you in creating a powerful driver brand! Finally, we have put in place features designed for increasing the safety and comfort of both drivers and riders, because no ride should make you feel fearful and unsafe.

Can I sign up to EyeSafe as a PHV Driver?

We cannot hire you directly as a Partner Driver. You can become an EyeSafe driver ONLY if you register either through your Current Operator or by signing up with one of our Partner Operators. You can do that by downloading the app, creating an account and requesting to be enabled as a driver for one of the listed operators.

What do I need to sign up as an EyeSafe driver?

We want to help you drive better not only today, but in the longer term. To do this we have put in place tools for you to upload and update all the documents that are required by the transport authorities when they grant you a Private Hire Driver and Hackney Carriage Driver Licence. If you are a PHV driver, we will have to require you to sign up through your operator. Also, you need a functioning smartphone, a data connection and a licenced vehicle that is fit for the trade.


What benefits do I get as an EyeSafe driver?

  • Your safety comes first: we are the first e-hailer in the industry that gives drivers access to tools we specially designed and developed to provide an enhanced and safer driving experience! Get access to a panic button, share your location with the emergency services, notify your family and get help from the community!
  • We are tailored to support your success: We know not all taxis are made the same, as no customers are made the same. Thus, we allow you to market your service with a broad variety of vehicle types, service types and in-ride extras to equip you to be able to better compete and show your greatness! Also, we provide you with specially designed tools to help you understand how much you are earning!
  • Focus on delivering a great service and get rewarded for it! The more you drive, the more you earn through our MEye Rank Loyalty Scheme. Go through the ranks, get access to exclusive offers and increase your per-ride earnings!
  • We are not just an app, but a community that is shaped around the improvement of the industry. We provide you with training courses to help you become a better driver, a more productive individual and to make your work more profitable for you.  We will also create a forum for you to voice your opinions about where the app can and should improve, innovate and create new solutions that not only make driving through EyeSafe better, but that make our cities safer, smarter and greener!

How do I receive ride requests on EyeSafe?

After you have created an account and have been accepted into the platform, you can start to receive rides. Just tap the “Power” button on the “MEye Map” tab of your app to go online and you are ready to roll!

What happens when a customer does not show-up when I arrive at pick-up?

When a customer does not show up and you wait for him/her more than 5 minutes, you will receive a “no show” fee. That “no show” fee will be made up of a percentage set by EyeSafe (if you are a Hackney Carriage) or by your Operator (if you are a Private Hire Driver).


What is MEye Rank?

MEye Rank is our loyalty scheme which allows us to reward you for driving and providing a great service to our riders. In MEye Rank, the more you drive, the higher your rank and the more you earn. You will gain access to MEye Rank by creating your EyeSafe account. As soon as you get approved and start driving, we will start counting the money you make. After you reach different thresholds on your total income, we will reduce our fare commission, increasing your income and rewarding you for your success!

Where can I see MEye Income?

We know how important is for you to understand your earnings. Thus, we have put in place graphic tools to help you visualise how your earnings are growing overtime! To see them you need to:

1. Tap the “Menu” icon

2. Select the “MEye Wallet” tab

3. Swipe through the different tabs (“Day”, “Week”, and “Month”) to see your earnings. per period, also being able to see how much those earnings have changed overtime.


How can I report a rider?

We take your safety very seriously. Thus, we make it simple for you to tell us how you felt during a ride and to report a rider if you felt unsafe while they rode with you. To do so please at the end of the ride, please use the “Safety” rating scale and select the “Report Rider” option. Fill the report user form to which you will be redirected with as many details as possible regarding the events that resulted in you reporting the rider and submit the form.

What happens when I get reported by a rider?

When you get reported by a rider we will review the reasons they state in the comments they add to your report driver form. During the time it takes us to review the issue that caused them to report you, we will suspend your account. If it is found that you committed gross misconduct that put them or may put other users at risk, we will revoke your access to the Eye Safe platform and system. We will also notify your operator or licensing authority of the details of the incident.

What is the panic button?

Eyesafe is committed to working with other Users and Stakeholders to enhance the safety of those participating in rides through our platform. Eyesafe has introduced a number of industry-leading innovations as follows:

the App contains a Panic Button which allows Users to contact the Emergency Services. When you press the button a 112 call will be made through the native dialer on your mobile device or alternatively a text message will be sent to the emergency services using the Next Generation Text Service (NGTS) through a registered phone number.

Pressing the panic button will also transmit a request for help to any Qualified Responders within a 3 mile radius. Qualified Responders will be other Users who are police officers, fire and emergency officers or medical professionals or other trained responders. Any such Qualified Responder will be able to accept the request for assistance.

A link to an online Basic Life Support Course will be available on the EyeSafe platform for all Users. This course will appear to any user who has retransmitted a request for assistance.

We are establishing this scheme as part of our corporate social responsibility and our vision of creating a User’s thank you community. However, you should note that:

we have no control over the actions of the Emergency Services and cannot guarantee if and when they will respond. A variety of factors can affect the response of the Emergency Services including mobile signal and network issues and also the response guidelines and demand from other members of the public on the Emergency Services.

All Users responding to a call for assistance do so at their own risk. Eyesafe gives no warranty the as to the ability of any Qualified Responder to attend or assist with the circumstances relating to a particular Panic Button request

if you are a Qualified Responder and feel a particular incident is dangerous or beyond your skill or ability to assist you should await the attendance of the Emergency Services

Eyesafe provides these services on a complimentary basis. They are provided on the basis that no liability shall attach to Eyesafe to the full extent permitted by law.


Can I accept cash on EyeSafe?

You will be able to accept cash payments, but you need to link your EyeSafe account with a bank card (details entered at sign up), for us to take the commission for the cash fare payments your customers make.

Why do I need to register my card and bank account details?

You will need to register your bank account and card details so we are able to directly transfer you what you earn, and also to deduct our commission when you are paid in cash.

How do I get paid for the rides I make and when will I receive my Eye payments after I cash out?

You will be paid for the rides you perform depending on how they are paid for:

  • If your customer pays with cash at the end of the ride, you will receive the payment then and EyeSafe will deduct its commission, depending on your rank (Hackney Carriages) and/or the agreement with your operator (Private Hire Vehicles), from the bank card you provided to us at sign-up.
  • If your customer pays with a card at the end of the ride, you will receive the payment then and EyeSafe will deduct the commission, depending on your rank (Hackney Carriages) and/or the agreement with your operator (Private Hire Vehicles), from the bank card you provided to us at sign-up. In this case, you will also incur on the handling fees charged by your POS operator.
  • If the customer pays for the ride with the card they have registered in the app, you will automatically receive your share of the fare minus the payment handling fee charged by Stripe and EyeSafe’s commission.
  • If the customer pays the ride with Eyes, we will transfer your share of the fare to your Eye Balance. You will be able then to cash it out and it will be transferred to your account in a 7-day rolling period. The balance that will appear in your account after cashing out, will be your available Eye balance, minus payment handling fee the charged Stripe.